With the Sport2gether app you can find others in your neighborhood to exercise with. Find others who are looking for someone to share their sports experiences with. You can use the app across cities, regions and states.

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Download the app and choose the solution that suits you best. If you want to make money through the app, you must have a Premium Membership. If you only want to join hotspots and activity challenges, the app is free to use.

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  •   Chat with friends
  •   Join activity challenges and earn prizes
  •   Share app content on social media
  •   Invite friends to hotspots
  •   Invite friends to the application
  •   Invite friends to events
  •   Invite friends to activity challenges
  •   News feed - follow the activities of your network
  •   Create two active Hotspots
  •   Add facebook, Instagram or website to your profile
  •   Add Hotspot or Event to your calendar
  •   Sign up for unlimited Hotspots
"Together is better" - sports with others. Do you want to exercise with other people in your neighborhood? If the answer is "Yes", Sport2gether is for you! The app makes it easy for you to find others who also are looking for someone to be active with. You can use the app across cities and regions in the whole world. In the app you can create your own hotspots and join hotspots that others have created. A hotspotv is an activity that takes place in your neighborhood. You are able to invite your friends and those who might be interested in participating the activity through the app.

Create or register your first event or hotspot and have fun!

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