Sport2gether was started by Michael Knudsen from Denmark, who is a physiotherapist and loves sports. Michael loves cycling and was frustrated at how difficult it was to find one to cycle with, and therefore he got the idea to make an app as a platform for a community for various sports in Denmark and the rest of the world. It is close to Michael's heart to be able to share this app and opportunity with others who feel the same way and miss someone to play sports with. With the Sport2gether app, it is always possible to find someone to play sports with and at the same time have fun.


We bring people together through sports around the world. We want to give others the opportunity to fi nd someone to share their sports experiences with. As we say ”Together is better”. we are sure that community is healthy for body and mind. No matter where in the world you are and need someone to be active with Sport2gether is a perfect solution.

Be active with your fi ends or people you do not know and make new friends. We make it easy for clubs/institutes/businesses or private actors to be visible with their training sessions in the app. We want to reward those who use the app with prizes and vouchers for products or services. As an organization you are invariably associated with the loyalty program and you will be rewarded each time you use the app.



Our goal is to bring people together through sports and activities around the world. "TOGETHER IS BETTER", as we say. Sport2gether is behind this unique app, which is partly free, where you can create or sign up for activities in your local area. Our desire is to create a platform for those who are looking for others to share their passion with - whether it is sports or other activities. To create a place where community and togetherness are strengthened for the benefit and joy of all. Be active with friends and family - invite your neighbor and make new friends! Create an activity - a Hotspot or Event that others can sign up for and from which you can invite others to participate. You can choose to create a private or public Event, as well as all the Hotspots you want. You can also get invitations from your own friends through the app and it is possible for you to communicate via the app.

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