With Premium Membership you become part of Sport2gether Premium Club. Make money with the app through your Events. Boost your Events to achieve relevant communication with the users who already are active on the app. It is possible to search for sponsors and staff for your organization.

Premium Membership

€10 a month

  •   Automatic membership renewal
  •   Basic content included
  •   Repeat your Hotspots
  •   Create Events and earn money via the app
  •   Create unlimited Events and Hotspots
  •   Advertising free
  •   Sport2gether Premium Club
  •   Specific boost of Events and Hotspots
  •   Specific boost of sponsors
  •   Search for sponsors
  •   Search for employees
  •   Add trainer to Hotspot
  •   Add Assistant to your user
  •   Specific boost of employees

Does your sports organization have difficulty recruiting new members? Do you also find it annoying not to knowing how many people attend the training? Do you want to bring more people to your teams and training sessions?

With the sport2gether app, you can now be visible with your training hours and communicate via the app to those who have signed up. You can easily repeat your training hours in the app. It is also possible to add a trainer that people can write when signing up. You have an easy overview of how many people show up for training and whether there are new members. Create a sporting event that costs a fee for attendees, get a list of attendees, and have all the proceeds transferred to you when the event is over.

We make it easy for clubs and sports associations as well as business or private players to be more accessible with their training because they become visible in the app. This means that more people participate in their events and activities and that more members join their organization and the number of members thus increases. We reward organizations that use the app with prizes and discounts on products and services from our partners if they are part of Sport2gether Premium Club.

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